Snow School FAQ’s

The following information and tips will help your child have an enjoyable skiing and snowboarding experience:

What should my child wear?

Skiing and snowboarding is a winter sport. Make sure to dress appropriately for weather- this includes a hat, gloves, insulated pants (ideally snow pants), a warm, insulated jacket and wool socks.  If it’s snowing or we’re making snow, you may want a pair of goggles and/or a face mask.  Instructors will take warm-up breaks as necessary but please have the kids ready to stay outside for the duration of the 1 hour class.

What time should I arrive for the lesson?

There is almost no way to be too early to get ready for lessons (especially your first time) and being late for a class may mean missing the lesson altogether so make sure to be on time and ready to go.  If you are renting, we’d recommend at least 30 minutes prior to lesson time.

What are the class sizes?

That depends on the day, age of the people in the lesson, and ability level of the lesson!

Will my child ride the chairlift?

Using the lifts is based on the child’s skill levels and the entire group’s ability. Using the chairlift may on occasion cause a class to have to wait until the conditions for riding the chairs has been met for everyone in the class.

What level should I put my child in?

Level  1:  First time; never skied before Level  1:  First time; never boarded before
Level  2:  Beginner; not quite able to stop and make turns yet Level  2:  Tried boarding before but needs more help
Level  3: Stopping, turning, using a lift on easy terrain Level  3:  Introduction to tows/lifts.  Can stop under control
Level  4:  Knows how to ride a chair lift and ski well on moderate terrain Level  4:  Can ride beginner lifts.  Can link turns on beginner terrain
Level  5:  Ready to learn more advanced technical skiing skills Level  5:  Ability to use chair lift and intermediate terrain
Level 6: Advanced parallel skiers looking for new challenges Level  6: Ability to ride intermediate terrain.  Efficient and effective riding under all terrain and snow conditions
Level  7:  Beginning 180’s (frontside and backside).  Comfortable in bumps, gates, and rails

Where do I pick up my child?

At the end of all classes they will return to where the class began. Parents of 7 and under children must be there to pick them up.  Students 8 years and up will be released and they are free to go on their own so it is advisable for parents to make plans for when and where they will be picked up.

Do you have a make-up/cancellation policy?

At times, though very rarely, Ski Ward may have to cancel lessons. Cancellations will be announced on the Ski Ward Snow Phone at 508-842-6346 (press option 5), on the homepage of the website, the >a href=””>snow report page and all social media outlets (facebook, twitter) by 12 noon. We will hold a make-up class under these circumstances and it is almost always the next week following the scheduled ending of the program. Be sure to not make plans in advanced that might cause you to not make the ‘make up day’.  Please note that lessons are rarely cancelled due to weather or driving conditions. If you are unsure about the status of lessons, please call us at 508-842-6346.

Make-up classes or credits cannot be issued if your child needs to miss a class due to illness, a schedule conflict,etc.

Do you have a refund/withdrawal policy?

Refunds (cash, credit, rain checks, etc) will not be issued for withdrawal from the program and/or for equipment rental. A $10 administrative fee will be charged for any changes made to registration from within a week of the class start date.

How do I reach the Snow School Department?

The best way to communicate with the Snow School is by email. Both the director and manager check the emails often both during open hours and at times during the night when the mountain is closed. We respond to emails faster than leaving voice mail. If you need to speak to the Snow School Staff, send an email with a short message about the nature of your inquiry with a convenient time frame and a number to get a call back.  If you like to book a private lesson, please call the customer service department at 508-842-6346 x0.