Ages 4-7 Multi-week Lessons 2020-2021

Multi-week ski lesson programs for ages 4-7

All of our programs are fully-supervised in a group atmosphere. Children are broken into groups of similar ages and abilities and will learn and enhance age and ability-appropriate skills; ranging from 4 year olds learning to build confidence, balance, and coordination on and off the snow along with fun activities to those ages 5 to 7 learning new skills including stopping, turning, and using lifts. The maximum group size for our 2020-2021 lesson programs for this age group is 5 children.


Small Tracks

Group ski lessons for ages 4-7. Includes 1 hour of group instruction once a week, for 5 consecutive weeks . Program begins the week of Jan. 4, 2021.

60 Minute Lesson

5 weeks
$ 225
  • Skis & boots rental package - $105
  • Helmet Rental - $40
  • Choose the day and time that works for you!
    Tuesdays @ 4 PM, 4:30 PM, OR 5:15 PM
    Wednesdays @ 4 PM, 4:30 PM, OR 5:15 PM
    Thursdays @ 4 PM, 4:30 PM, OR 5:15 PM
    Fridays @ 3:45 PM, 4:15 pm, OR 5 PM


60 Minute Little Stars

Group ski lessons for ages 4-7. Program includes a 60 minute group lesson once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks.  Program begins the weekend of 9 January 2021

60 Minute Lesson

6 weeks
$ 270
  • Skis & boots rental package - $125
  • Helmet Rental - $45
  • Choose Saturday or Sunday
  • 10:45 AM or 2:15 PM

90 Minute Little Stars

Group ski lessons for ages 4-7. Program includes a 90 minute group (no breaks) lesson once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks.  Program begins the weekend of 9 January 2021.

90 Minute Lesson

6 weeks
$ 390
  • Skis & boots rental package - $125
  • Helmet Rental - $45
  • Choose Saturday or Sunday
  • 9 AM or 12:30 PM


"What an incredible group of young instructors! So patient and caring with the little ones, so personable and responsible. It took only a handful of lessons for them to imbue our six year old with confidence and enthusiasm. This is so much more than just learning and teaching skiing."
"Super impressed with the multi-week Saturday lesson program for my 7 yr old daughter. Her progression from week 1 to week 5 (still one lesson to go) has been amazing to watch. Love that the groups are small keeping the instructor to student ratio low. She needed the extra attention at first, having the least experience in her group, and her instructor Joe was awesome helping her catch up to the other girls in her group. And most importantly, she is having a blast. All i hear all week long is "is it Saturday yet?""
"Ski Ward is a gem. Great place to learn to ski or snowboard no matter what age. The instructors were able to teach based upon the individual’s skill level. The conditions were great. Ski Ward must invest a lot of time in snowmaking."
"Ward's slogan of Where it all begins is very accurate. They have a strong teaching program and multi week programs for kids. Great bar at the base to watch the kids do laps through the giant windows."
Multi-Week Lesson FAQs

People of the same “reservation group” may ride the lift together so lessons can ride with their instructor or students in their lesson. Otherwise people can ride two singles on the opposite sides of the chair lift. 

4-7 year olds will not be riding the chairlift in bubble lessons. We cannot put those young ages on a chair lift without an instructor and we can’t have a floater or rider instructor ride with several different groups while keeping up with the COVID-19 regulations. Out of an abundance of precaution we are going to teach the 4 to 7 year olds in bubble lessons to use the T-bar as an alternate. The T-bar does go all the way to the top and is actually our most advanced lift and a safer alternative for this season. If you would like your child (aged 4 to 7) to use the chair lift then please sign them up for a private lesson. Ages 8-14 will be using the chairlift if their skill level allows for it: Using the lifts is based on the child’s skill levels and the entire group’s ability. Using the chairlift may on occasion cause a class to have to wait until the conditions for riding the chairs has been met for everyone in the class.

Children are separated by both age and ability so instructors can cater teaching styles to their unique needs.

The 4-7 year old programs will have 4 or 5 children per instructor. Ages 8-14 programs will have 5 or 6 children per instructor.

We do not offer makeup classes unless you meet our sick policy guidelines. Refunds will not be given for missed classes.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms please notify us to cancel or reschedule your lesson. We will waive the cancellation policy if you provide a doctors note. After cancellation of a lesson due to illness or COVID-19 exposure you must provide a doctors note stating you are well enough to return to normal activities and have met state quarantine guidelines. Please email us to reschedule or provide doctors notes at with the name of the student as the subject line. People who qualify will be given a gift card for the amount they paid for the missed program due to illness.